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Meet The Team

Andrea Dykstra - Registered Midwife

Andrea graduated from the Midwifery program (Dept. of family practice, faculty of Medicine) at the University of British Columbia in 2013. She has a previous degree in psychology from UBC. Andrea spent many years living and travelling in South East Asia where she studied and volunteered, including teaching and studying midwifery in very remote regions in Nepal and studying traditional Ayurvedic Medicine at the Benares Hindu University in India.

As a solo Midwife, Andrea enjoys the opportunity to get to know each and every client quite closely and enjoys working with women from diverse mindsets, populations and cultures.

Through midwifery, she is constantly reminded of the amazing ability of women to adapt to all the many changes that occur during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Andrea is deeply honoured to share this time of profound change and growth with women and their families.

Jana Wilks – Office Manager

Jana’s keen interest in birthing was launched in 2010 when she was invited to be part of a home birth. This led to her becoming a Birth Doula and then to a position in a local midwifery clinic, where she and Andrea first met.

Jana loves working with families from the very beginning, from the first inquiry, throughout the pregnancy, and into the journey of parenthood.

Jana’s daughter Lillian was born in April 2015 accompanied by the caring hands of her midwives.